What Makes Clickstart Promotions Different?

I fully believe that SEO is something that happens as you build your relationships with your customers, it should not be the focus of your Internet Marketing.  Instead, I focus on:

  • Building relationships with your current and future customers, not just links to your website.  Internet Marketing is about your customers, not your website.  Google page rank won’t matter if you’re not set up to best serve your customers.
  • Both online and offline ultra-low cost marketing techniques, consisting of mostly free services, so no expensive  PPC (Google Adwords) advertising, no billboard ads, or any other budget busting waste of time.  More sales, less budget.
  • Your success. Pay only for results.  Unlike other marketers that charge upwards of $700 for a website alone, nevermind social media pages and email marketing, I charge on a results basis.  Which means you don’t pay until you start making salesNo big up-front charges with no guarantee of success.  And I’ll still beat any quote in town.

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