Using a complete marketing system will not only bring in new sales, but bundling all your Internet Marketing services together will save you money over using multiple design and marketing services.

I am proud to offer the following low-cost services through Clickstart Promotions:

Business Formation– Ensure you have your articles of organization, tax license, and other forms filled out and filed correctly.  You can have your own business ready to go in only a few days.  A service Legal Zoom provides at $149 (not including fees), but you get for free (not including fees) from Clickstart Promotions.

Branding-Get a free logo, business card design, and more.  Don’t just be a business, be a brand.  Create your personal business identity from webdesign up.

Web Design-Get an easy to manage, search engine optimized, website with killer sales copy your customers can use to find you online, or directly buy your products and services.  Plus get free updates as your business grows.

Web Copywriting-Words are what makes your website sell.  Don’t get just a pretty website, don’t get just a search engine optimized website.  Get a website that sells.  There’s no point in sending visitors to a website if no one buys anything.  Included with any package is a free test of your websites Selling Quotient, a scientific formula for measuring how well your website turns visitors into customers.

Web Hosting-Get exclusive savings on web hosting and domain registration while working with a local agent.  No phone calls to strangers in call centers, when you have a question you can call me here in Estes Park.  Starting at $33 a year with a $7 domain registration. Compared to GoDaddy, which charges over $80 a year for hosting and over $15 a year for domain registration.

Email Marketing-Stay in contact with your customers and keep them informed of events, specials, and more.  Get an email follow-up series and either send your own newsletters, or have them managed for you and harness the most important piece of profit pulling internet marketing you can use.

Ebay/Etsy/Amazon ect. setup-Get new customers from all over the US.  Unleash your store beyond its 4 walls.  Get your accounts setup and items listed.  Get more exposure, more sales, and more profits.

Social Marketing-Get your business setup with all the top social media sites.  Get more likes, shares, and re-tweets which means more potential customers seeing your business.  Have your accounts managed or learn to send your own super sharable social media.

Banner Advertising-Low cost advertising on targeted pages creates more sales with less cost.  Get complete banner ads (not the tacky kind) and either use them yourself, or have Clickstart Promotions manage your campaigns.

SEO-While its the last thing to think about, its definitly something to think about.  Whether looking for national ranking, or to dominate local listings, using a complete marketing system from Clickstart Promotions will get you noticed by the search engines.

Whether looking to bundle multiple services or simply one, I guarantee to beat any quote you have received.  I work on a perfomance basis, which means you don’t pay until you see results **note**this does not include optional maintence fees such as web hosting and paid advertising**

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