While being a bit behind the times has given our town a quaint feeling, it hasn’t exaclty done great for our small business marketing.

Let’s face it, web designers, SEO specialists, web copywriters,  Ebay sellers, Internet Marketers ect. aren’t exactly moving here in droves.  Silicon Valley, Estes Park is not.  So business owners here aren’t exactly privy to the newest trends in marketing.

Everyone seems to know the buzzword “SEO” though. A simple online search will show you that most internet marketers around Estes, and the surrounding areas too, are focused almost entirely on SEO.

If you own a business, or are thinking about owning a business here in Estes Park make sure you read all the way through this page, you’ll learn why SEO is not the be all end all Internet Marketing solution, and how you can utilize low cost, and even free internet marketing methods to improve your online sales by 20%, 30%, or even 50%, without getting a single hit from Google, Yahoo or Bing.

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…you are about to learn why SEO isn’t the be all end all solution everyone says it is and how you can use low cost or even free internet marketing techniques for a huge increase in sales, even if you’ve experienced poor results in the past.  The difference between a store full of loyal customers, a restaurant full of happy guests, a candy shop full of children (and adults too), and an average downtown Estes Park shop, forgotten as soon as its out of sight.

The SEO Buzzword…

SEO is one of the last things you should be worrying about when marketing your small business online.  It is probably the most well known term in Internet Marketing, but it most certainly is not the most important.

There are many more things that come first, such as optimizing webdesign for selling to people (not search engine spiders), your email autoresponder list, your social media pages, and branding your business to stand out from the crowd.  If you ignore these, it won’t matter if you’re the first listing on the first page of Google for all your keywords, all the money and time you spend on SEO will be thrown away.

If your website isn’t designed to optimally sell your products or services, then what good is having a bunch of people on your site?  If most people leave your website before ever contacting you, how will you get in contact with them?  If no one’s sharing your business’s social media posts, how will your business ever go viral?

Having people visit your website without first optimizing it means throwing money, your money, down the drain. SEO is literally the last portion of internet marketing you need to worry about.

  • Your webpage should have optimized salescopy designed to lead your prospects through the sales process.
  • You need social media pages allowing customers to connect with you personally and share your business with their friends.
  • You should have an email newsletter, or other form of email content, that not only keeps your customers up-to-date, but is designed to keep your subscribers visiting your website, and buying more.
  • Your products should be listed on retail sites such as Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. Partner with some of the biggest names on the internet to get easy sales.
  • The services you provide should be listed on industry specific service sites, much like Ebay ect. But for services.

I’m sure as a small business owner you can see how focusing on SEO first is like putting the cart before the horse, like letting people in your store before you have staff.  There’s a lot to do before you start getting web traffic from search engines, it starts at the webdesign level and goes all the way to email marketing post sale.

Its about connecting with your customers, current and future, not just website hits from SEO.

The True Power of Internet Marketing For Your Business

Imagine you can talk to every person that has ever walked into your store (and some who haven’t) whenever you want.  Actually, they’re waiting to hear from you.   It’d be like your customers never leave your store.  That’s the idea behind Internet Marketing, its not about getting as many people as possible to visit your website from search engines.

Every person with a phone, computer, tablet, or even a toaster, has access to some form of the internet, and odds are there’s a way you can connect with them.

Over half of the world has a Facebook account and I personally don’t know a single person that doesn’t have at least one email address, whether personal or through work.  Terms such as  “SEO”,”tweet”, and “pin” are almost universally understood.  More time is spent watching videos on Youtube than on network TV.

Amazon facilitates 35 sales per minute, according to Gizmodo. Every major retailer has a corresponding .com. I personally order my pizza through an app on my phone. People visit a business’s social media more than they visit the actual store.

Which means Internet Marketing is more important now then it ever has been before and if you’re not putting your business online, then you’re getting left behind in the dust.

Let me give you an example of how you can double your sales, without getting any more traffic from the search engines.

Say, 8% of people who visit your website give you their email address. 10% of your email list buys from you on a regular basis. Now instead of spending lots of time and energy focused on improving your Google ranks, you focus on better webcopy.

You don’t collect an email list of your clients and future clients? We need to talk.

Now since 8% is pretty low, better webcopy is able to double the amount of email signups to 16% email signup rate. Work on better copy for your emails and you’ve got another way to increase your sales, without any SEO work.

That’s a pretty drastic example, but you get the idea. Focusing on areas other than SEO, such as email newsletters, social media, and your websites salescopy can be a much better investement of your time and money, rather than struggling up the search engine ranks for a little more traffic, and a few more sales.

The Cost of Doing Business Online

Now you may think that Internet Marketing is costly.  And you’d be wrong.  Using the same old offline-methods to market your small business can be much more costly than many newer online methods that are available at little to no cost.

In fact, compared to traditional advertising methods, Internet Marketing is laughable.  The most important part of Internet Marketing (and its NOT that buzz word “SEO“), what makes the most profit (and is the “most expensive”): your autoresponder email list, requires at most $200 a month service fee.

Now, an email list with a cost of $200 a month in service fees is the equivilent of having your store packed full of people back-to-back people open-to-close every day .  You make much more than your measly little investment at that point.

Starting an email list is absolutly free.  Making it yet again laughable in terms of advertising cost, and accessible to everyone, even in Estes Park. 

Now combine that with super sharable social media (again free), a visitor attracting website designed for maximum sales (free too), and online videos that work as a 24/7 sales staff (you guessed it, this is free too) and you begin to see why ignoring ANY online marketing option means ignoring easy profits.

The Internet Is a Scary Place…

My names Rew Anderson, and I spent 3 years in the online trenches learning the most cost effective, long-term, profit pulling methods for selling products and services online.  Methods such as webdesign based around webcopy that sells, social marketing with Facebook, Twitter and other sites, and yes, even proper SEO tactics.

I also spent 3 years being scammed and bamboozled into buying marketing products, training manuals, and and straight out scams that not only cost me money, but steered my marketing efforts in the wrong direction.  Things such as poorly ran PPC ads, buying useless “likes”, poor webdesign, and “black hat” SEO.

When I set out to learn Internet Marketing, I chose to sell a product that forced me to use methods capable of producing sales at little to no cost.  It was called Paid To Click advertising.  I worked as an affiliate (similar to a comission paid sales rep) and made only a few cents to a dollar per sale, which meant that I couldn’t make money unless I was truley using the most profitable methods online.

After 3 years of weeding out countless scams, junk products, and bad methods, I was left using only low-cost or free marketing methods which any business can use as well, to not only bring in new sales, but create lasting relationships with current customers that create repeat sales and boost profits without the learning curve.

Marketing Online Here in Estes Park…

Talking with people around town, living here, and doing some internet searches has made me aware that I’m one of a few Internet Marketers in town, and the others seem focused soley on SEO or Webdesign that just “looks pretty”.

I created Clickstart Promotions LLC (based off the name of my affiliate sales company ClickstartPTC) to help small businesses owners, and aspiring businesses owners, in the Estes Park area sell their products and services using the cost-effective Internet Marketing methods I’ve learned (which focus on much more than just SEO), while avoiding the plentiful scams and pitfalls of the online world.  This includes webdesign based around selling, not just looking pretty.  So how will a complete online marketing system from Clickstart Promotions help you?

Well let me ask you:

  • Are you starting a business?  Whether you want to sell products or perform services, starting a business is simpler than you think.  Get help with the paperwork and use ultra-low cost marketing to launch your business the right way.
  • Do you need a website for your business? Get an easy to manage customized website for your business designed around selling your products and services, not just looking pretty or SEO.
  • Would you like to increase sales on a website you already have? Get the selling quotient of your webdesign measured, using a test from professional copywriter Maria Veloso, and find out how by just changing the words on your website, you can increase sales 10%, 15% and even 30%.  If your webdesign isn’t based around guiding visitors to buying your products or service, then it isn’t doing its job.
  • Would you like to open your store to the entire world? Live here in Estes Park, List your products all over the nation on  Ebay/Amazon/Etsy and other retail sites that bring you easy sales, and long time customers.
  • Do you have an autoresponder email list? This is the most profitable part of bringing your business online. Imagine waking up, sending a quick 5 minute email, and having customers walk into your store all day long, ready to buy or even buy directly from your website.
  • Do you want your business to be known?  Use your online presence not just to buy, but to brand your business and become a highly memorable name in Estes Park and all over the nation.
  • Does anyone “Like” your small business? Get your social media pages setup, including but not limited to the major ones like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin and learn the most effective ways to use them to keep customers not only coming back again and again, but have them bring their friends with them.
  • Do you want more visitors from Google, Yahoo, and Bing?  Of course SEO is the last thing to worry about, but you should worry about it, once the rest is taken care of. Clickstart Promotions will make sure your website shows up in the best possible spot it can on all the major search engines.

If any of these apply to you, don’t hesitate to request a free quote on one or all the above services.

(If you do not yet have your business up and running please check the “forming a new business” box when getting a quote so I can gather info on the needed forms.)

As you can see, there are many more aspects of internet marketing than just SEO. If you’re business website isn’t poised and ready to turn those search engine users into buyers, then you’re wasting your money.

I charge (very competitively) on a performance basis, which means you don’t pay until you see a profit, and you won’t pay and arm and a leg. It means you get a website, social media pages, and more without spending $1200 or more. Start getting more sales and more customers for you’re small business today.

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Have a great day,

Rew Anderson, Clickstart Promotions LLC Founder

Rew Anderson
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